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Treves: A Restless Night (one-shot)


A RESTLESS NIGHT is a 44 page (including covers) prestige format horror one-shot.

Set before the events in MERRICK: THE SENSATIONAL ELEPHANTMAN, A RESTLESS NIGHT is loosely based upon a true story taken from Treves’ journals of his experience travelling through India. It recounts his first encounter with the unexplainable as he fights for his life against a vengeful curse.

Before he met The Elephantman, before he came to be one of the most talented surgeons at the London Hospital, a young Frederick Treves travelled throughout India with a fellow doctor. One night as they set camp in a barren wasteland Treves' travelling companion recounts the tale of a previous encounter with a local who put his faith in a witchdoctor over modern medicine...

Set in the same world as MERRICK: THE SENSATIONAL ELEPHANTMAN, this pulp horror one-shot can be read as part of the main series or enjoyed as a complete stand alone story.

Recommended for mature readers.

First print run of 500 come with a limited edition numbered bookplate designed by series artist Luke Parker and signed by him and writer Tom Ward.

Perfect bound (with a spine) printed on high quality 120GSM uncoated bond paper.

You'll also be sent digital version of the volume in .pdf and .cbr formats so you can enjoy issues of Merrick on the move on your tablet, smartphone or PC.

Writer: Tom Ward
Art: Luke Parker
Letters: Nic J Shaw
Editor: Clare Lenton

SHIPS FROM UK, please bear that in mind for arrival time

ISBN13: 978-0-9934636-1-7