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Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman #05


The Gamblers Cards: Part 1 of 2.
28 pages

Many years ago a businessman sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for luck and riches. As he became an old man his fear grew and he became obsessed with escaping his eternal fate. He used his vast fortune to commission his greatest achievement, a magical deck of cards which he still clutches in death.

Now Treves needs the cards to further his own schemes, only every agent he has sent to retrieve them has ended up as a patient in Bedlam Mental Asylum. Can The Elephantman succeed where others have failed? And can he survive his first encounter with Spring Heeled Jack?!

We want to make the vinyl of comics, not cheap disposable cds. Collectable yet without the cynicism associated with the speculator market of the 90s, don't expect any tacky foil or hologram covers here.

All our issues will be printed on high quality paper to ensure they look and feel great.

Limited numbered print run of 500.

A maximum of 2 print runs for each issue.

All will be shipped bagged and boarded to ensure they reach you looking as great as they went out.

You'll also be sent digital versions of the issue in .pdf and .cbr formats so you can enjoy issues of Merrick on the move on your tablet, smartphone or PC.

SHIPS FROM UK, please bear that in mind for arrival time